Fontän in my bathroom.

A view from my bathroom.

This piece is spin off of project Privéfonteintjes I did with German artist/inventor Niklas Roy few years back. My friends were setting up a group exhibition in Titanik-gallery and they invited me to join them. Their exhibition was about electricity, water and hacking. Which brought back some memories. When I found out that the toilet in the gallery was free to use for one extra art work, I seriously needed to revisit this old project.
The control unit of Min Fontän.

The control unit of Min Fontän. LDR resistor will detect suitable mood for stroboscopic vibrations.

This Fontän is a water sculpturing fountain based on a LED strobe installed on the nozzle of the fountain. But the Fontän it self is just a part of this piece. I equipped the toilet with motion tracker which allowed me to detect when the toilet seat is occupied. Then light is switched of from the room and fountain (that our customer is most likely staring at) will activate. When our test subject will stretch his/her arm a bit, light will be switched back on. This again will deactivate the Fontän.

In order for this piece to work, one really needs to use the toilet without any hint what will happen. When the exhibition was opened the toilet of the gallery was not in a busy use and the piece did not get much exposure. However, during the opening of the exhibition which turned out to be a huge party until noon next day, there eventually was a long queue to the toilet. And luckily a stream of pleasantly surprised party people exiting the restroom. A success!

Min Fontän at the videokaffe exhibition in Titanik Gallery © Henrik Mikander

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