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This is a gesture controlled MIDI controller I designed and built as a commissioned work. It has a tilt sensor which affects to MIDI parameters it is sending out but also the color of the ball. I built several stereotypes to get it work the way I preffered. The pictures are from third generation. I am currently putting together fourth generation with better LEDs.

Pallo has two groups of four LEDs: red, green, blue and white LEDs. All are LEDs are superbright. I’m using red, green and blue leds to for rgb colors and white to give white color, as it seemed that creating white with colored leds was difficult. In future models I’m testing true superbright RGB LEDs that shouldn’t have this problem.

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The heart of the controller is Arduino microcontroller. I have used Pro Mini -version of Arduino. It is fully functional Arduino without usb connection and built to a circuit board size of a stamp. The tilt sensor is Lilypad Accelerometer and the device is powered from on 9V battery. One battery should last approzimately 10 hours.

The MIDI signal the device is sending out is two different CC parameters that are tilting in X- and Y-axis. Sadly there is no footage of using the MIDI out of the device which I didn’t have time to shoot before I sent the ball(s) to my client.

If you are interested of custom MIDI controllers, please contact me and I’ll see what I can do.

Making of with more details coming soon…

I finally managed to get the core system installed to my Hopeanuoli. At the moment it only reads the RPM from tachometer and left and right blinkers.

Here is a shot from first test. The voltmeter moved so everything looks bright!

Here I have installed the circuit board to this lovely VHS case. Also I have wired the system such that you can operate the audio system from inside of the car.

Here is shot of my experimental setup. The car have been attached to Arduino lying on the floor. Arduino is then connected to my EEEPC. For some reason system misbehaves badly if in addition to Arduino, the volt meter isn’t attached.

This last shot is from the FMod-project that takes care of transforming the RPM data coming from the Arduino to artificial engine sound.

As I need to present the prototype tommorrow within 14 hours time begins to run out. But after fighting with the serial protocol I finally managed to control RPM parameter at the FMod with small trimmer attached to Arduino. Soon enough I hope to be able to replace the screwdriver with real tachometer. Also adding accelerometer should be fairly straight forward task from now on.

This image reveals my highly professional setup. Breadboard still contains some remains from older projects so it is a bit messier than it would need to be. I have FMod running on my EEEPC and if I would not been as lazy as I am I could have uploaded a video that would actually prove that turning the screwdriver actually puts pedal to the metal at FMod side.

I will hopefully upload some code also at some point. At the moment it is quite evil so you will have to wait a bit.