For those looking for the ultimate psychedelic experience, two animation loops printed on Vinonaamakasio 12″ vinyl (FR-62LP) can be viewed using the Mystical Shogun Kunitoki Strobe Light (FR-64SL). Please note that in addition to the kit you will need a 9V battery which is not included in the package. 12e

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This lamp can also be used with any 16 frame animation record (for example Red Raven animated records) when rotated at 33 1/3 rpm. It is also fairly simple to modify the lamp to support some other rotating speed or frame rate by replacing one resistor with another one. Although you might then consider buying The Mystical Shogun Kunitoki Strobe Light Kit.

Sold out! No more owl lamps will be made. New lamp design will hopefully replace this item later this year.