These minimalistic Shogun Kunitoki Åndskåns Blommor
-T-shirts just arrived. They come in three different versions: white with bloody (red) print, white with black/green print and red with black/green print. T-shirts have either an unisex slim fit or lady fit cut. Measure the width and length of your favourite t-shirt and pick the size closest of your measures from the sizing chart below. 18e

size width(cm) length(cm)
Slim fit S 45 58
Slim fit M 49 66
Slim fit L 52 67
Slim fit XL 55 71
Lady fit S 40.5 57
Lady fit M 44.5 58
Lady fit L

We have all the other size/color combinations in stock but:
White XL /w red print and
Red XL
size :
color :