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Can you drive a motor-car 7″

We just happened to find a box full of 7″ by the obscure Finnish slacker psych group Roope and The Rockets from 1998! In case you did not know, Roope and the Rockets was a group featuring Lau Nau and two members of Shogun Kunitoki. This EP offers you a rare opportunity to dive into the history of Finnish psychedelia. Includes four tunes: ‘Revolutionary, Baby’, ‘Stre-oh’, ‘Tally-Ho!’ and ‘M.O.G.’. 13min16s. 8e

Vinonaamakasio LP (sold out)

Second Shogun Kunitoki album on picture LP (Fonal Records FR-62, 2009). For those looking for the ultimate psychedelic experience, this Picture LP features two animation loops that can be viewed using The Mystical Shogun Kunitoki Strobe Light. Please note you need both the Picture vinyl and the strobe light to see the animations. Demonstration of how to view the animations can be found at www.shogunkunitoki.com/lamp. 22€

Due popular demand, we are now offering two shipping options. If you live outside europe, you can choose if you want to pay extra for priority postage service. Economy postage might take even 6 weeks to get to USA. Priority should be much faster. All orders to Europe are mailed as priority, so don’t pay extra for priority service if you live in Europe.

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