TANR V2 Assembly manual

Jari Suominen @ 2016

Parts (in order of appearance)

Assembly order that might make sense!

Flipside layout with metal wire traces. Be precise with the exact location of the traces!

  1. Take a postcard and make holes in it matching the holes in corners of the spotboard piece.
  2. Screw in legs to these holes, but for the 'wrong' side. Postcard comes to a non copper side and at this point the legs too.
  3. Solder in DIL sockets for Attiny85 and lm386. You should make holes for the pins on the card with a sharp object.
  4. Solder in potentiometer and power switch (bend legs a bit on that one).
  5. Solder 7805 and 220uF capacitor.
  6. Solder speaker element.
  7. Connect everything that needs to be connected with metal wire.
  8. Install keyboard and battery holder (hot glue and metal wire helpfull here).
  9. Solder diode between battery + and board.
  10. Connect battery to switch / ground wires.
  12. Connect keyboard to the circuits with resistors (two lines from attiny pins and one from 5V). Add two 222 capacitors also.
  13. Be artistic and build metal wire areas to your keyboard starting from 3 points connected in previous step. You can add more areas and connect the to existing ones with resistors.
  14. BLISS