DAIYA (?) Tin Toy M.P. Jeep

Fixing this non-operational old tin toy. There don’t seem to be much info about inner working of this kinds of toys around so here a small insight to what is inside.

This toy is run buy two D batteries in series, operating voltage being 3V. It is wired using positive ground scheme. Power switch is installed between battery plus terminal and positive side of the main circuit.

The main problem on this toy is that all solder joints hooking up wires to the copper lugs are somewhat cold and quite a few of them are detached.

Toy has one DC motor. Besides the rotating tire assembly, it will operate two mechanical switch mechanisms. First one is hidden inside the gear box and is used to blink the bonnet light on and off.

The second switch mechanism is hooked to a big wheel that is also operating arm of the driver. This wheel has a sector with nine teeth in it. When wheel is turning, these teeth will hit a metallic claw attached to a cardboard resonator drum. This generates gunshot sounds that are amplified in the resonator. Metallic claw coming in contact with the wheel will also complete the circuit wired to the light bulb inside toy gun, turning it on momentarily.

The light bulb inside the toy gun has been ripped off at some point. I replaced it with a red LED with 620R current limiting resistor.

The complete wiring diagram of the toy is below.