Jari Suominen is an artist, researcher and electronic instrument technician based in Turku, Finland.

Contact me ( jari <at> tasankokaiku.com ) if you need a tech (repair, restoration, build, design etc.). Besides synths, I have also worked with audio equipment in general (amps, speakers, recorders, microphones).

Electronic music instruments

I’m have been repairing and restoring synthesizers for a while. This includes commercial and custom instruments. I will add more content about the projects I have been involved with, but so far this incomplete list will have to do:

73-75 Homebuilt (Serge), Buchla clone (Roman) (207, 259, 266, 281, 292), EMS Synthi 100, EMS Synthi AKS, EMS DK1, EMS VCS3, FAEMI Mini, MFOS Sound Lab, Oberheim TVS-1A, Philips AG7500/7600, Philips GM751, Philips GM752, Philips GM754, Philips GM765, Roland CSQ-600, Roland Jupiter-4, Roland RS-202, Roland SH-1, Roland System 100m, Serge Modular, Serge Series 79, Yamaha YC-20 …

Erkki Kurenniemi instruments

My own little niche is looking after instrument made by Finnish media art pioneer Erkki Kurenniemi. I have been involved with historic research of them in the past. Currently I’m mostly focused on maintaining, restoring, conserving and documenting original instruments. I’m mostly involved with the collection of Kurenniemi instruments at University of Helsinki Music Research Laboratory UHMRL.

I’m hoping in near future to share more details of these instruments. I have done a lot of ground work on these synths, and when I find the time, will organize the material I have come up with to a readable form.



Have been designing and building media art installations, custom synthesizer modules etc. I’ll start to add content documenting them here in the future.